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The feeling a person gets when he purchases his own house is overwhelming. He gets a permanent address. People get to know about his address and are aware that where to go when they desire or require to meet him.

Owning a personal domain name is similarly the act where one gets recognized in the virtual world i.e., the cyberspace. It's a world where there is no guarantee of the people's identity who are using other domain names to carry out their business work or just socialize.


As the internet traffic increased someone came up with an idea of giving IP addresses an alternate name so that internet users can easily remember the addresses and also the identity of the user one is wants to reach. Data bases of these names were created which would lead you the desired IP addresses.

These names are known as the domain names or in technical terms URL (Uniform Resources Locators). There is a gigantic database server called ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers) which has all the domain names registered in it. If a person wills to register his/her domain name into that server he/she has to pay certain amount according to the world domain registration rates.


There are two sections in a domain name
- Top Level Domain (TLD) which is the part of the domain located to the right of the dot e.g.,, .biz (reserved for business), .mil (reserved for the military), .name (reserved for individuals), .edu (reserved for post secondary institutions).

The other is Second - Level Domain (SLD). This is the part of the domain which is located to the left of the dot e.g.,

Importance of having a Domain Name

Once you have a domain name you are considered to be a registered citizen of the cyberspace and hence you are seen as a credible user who has an original identity and is worth for trusting upon regarding any concerned business.

  • Having a good and catchy domain name makes you much more approachable and authentic as a user. Other than this, the problem of many users using one domain name vanishes as you get yourself a personal address. No other person would have the authority to use your domain name as his address.

  • People looking at your domain name would make up a professional image of your company and the amount of credibility in the back of their minds only if your domain name is catchy and short enough to be remembered.

  • Also getting a domain name registered enables you to make multiple e-mails so that you can handle the visitors feedback process in a sorted manner and make the visitor to easily reach you and send across their message easily.

  • Unique domain names are preferred by search engines to be placed at higher ranking which would eventually increase your visitors helping you get more business opportunities.

  • Not having your own domain name makes an individual or a business entity amateurish and less credible among the visitors and the clients. These days it is a lot easier to won domain names as the process is simple and cheap to carry out.


Choosing the right domain name is the most important step involved in establishing your online business and driving traffic to your website. The following are some tips which one should consider while deciding a domain name:

  • Using the right keywords in your domain name is the best way to improve your Search Engine Optimization and driving the target web traffic to your website.
  • Keep your domain name unique. With this we mean not to add or misspell the domain name intentionally to get more traffic. This would be of no use to you as the amount of unwanted traffic would certainly out number the amount of the target traffic.
  • Make the domain easy to spell and remember-able.
  • Most of the users identify the most with the ".com". So, if possible try to use ".com" as the top level domain in your domain name. ".com" would let the visitor know that you are a business entity like ".gov" makes everyone understand that it is a government run website.
  • Check your Spelling and avoid using abbreviation as they may confuse the prole who try to reach you through the address.


It is better to pay a paltry amount to get registered as a credible internet user with your own domain name rather than being an amateurish user who does not have any identity and credibility among the cyberspace users.

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